2019 Recap + Jan 2020 Newsletter

Bow Valley Climate Action

2019 Recap + January 2020 Newsletter
Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to us!
BVCA is now 1 year old!  I hope everyone’s 2020 if off to a good start!
BVCA already has some actions planned for the new year.  

Our January general meeting will be:
January 21st, 7:30 – 8:30 pm at the Ralph Connor Church

This will be a ‘Call-to-Action’ meeting, in which we discuss and carry out an action during the meeting. This month, our action will be creating a personal climate action plan. Resources will be available on the impacts of climate actions individuals can take. 

Every little bit of climate action counts, and we can make a difference! All social and environmental movements require the persistent ground work of volunteers and committed community members like you!

In our first year of existence, BVCA:
Held our first meeting!
… As well as at least 32 other meetings and a few green drinks nights. Along the way we increased our newsletter subscribers to 159! Thanks everyone for your support!

Had our first and current logos made by Kaela Whittingham! Thank you Kaela!
As well as started our Facebook page, website, and a monthly newsletter! Thank you tech team!

Created a Climate Political Comparison Chart published in the Rocky Mountain Outlook! Huge thanks to Judy Archy, Haley Milko, and Ed Whittingham for your hard work on this!

Hosted several awesome events, including:
Dr. Joe Vipond: Building Climate Action, Grassroots organising in the heart of Alberta
Thank you Joe, for coming out here to share your experience as Chair of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Alberta Committee
Take Heart Take Action, Climate Panel!
Organized by Priscilla Janes, featuring: John Borrowman, Bob Sandford, Sarah Renner, Dr. Jodi Hilty, Bill Phipps, and Ed Whittingham.
100 Debates on Environment!
A political forum for federal candidates focused soley on the environment, alongside over 100 other Debates held across the country! Hosted in partnership with Canmore Commons, Bow Valley Naturalists, and Bow Valley Clean Air Society. 
September 27th, Community Climate March
in Solidarity with Global Climate Strikes!
Over 300 people participated in this last minute event! To everyone who helped get the word out in less than a week and to our local youth for leading the chant, you are climate heros!
Bow Valley Gretta Car Pool! 
With 1 day notice, we squashed the CCHS Green Team and seven other community members into 3 cars at 6 am to support the massive climate march in Edmonton! You guys rock!
Bow Valley Electric Vehicle Summit!
Featuring William York of the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta, Go Electric YYC, Peaks to Prairies, Canmore Community Cruisers, the BV Naturalists, Biosphere Institute of the BV, and BV Clean Air Society.
Last but not least, BVCA started the process to become an official society!
This may take up to a year, but will open up many opportunities for us. Thanks to our admin team for facilitating this!All these events and actions serve to educate, inspire, and galvanize further climate action. They signal to decision makers that we support bold climate action  as a major community value here in the Bow Valley, in Alberta, and Canada.

Thanks to everyone for filling 2019 with real climate action!
May we collectively achieve greater action in 2020!

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