Bow Valley Climate Action


Transportation is a significant source of GHG emissions in the Bow Valley.  In Canmore, transportation accounted for 40% of the community’s GHG emissions in 2015 (Town of Canmore Climate Action Plan, December 2018), and in Banff, transportation accounted for 58% of emissions (Town of Banff Renewable Energy Transition Roadmap, December 2019).

BVCA’s Transportation Group seeks to decrease the GHGs arising from transportation in the Bow Valley.  We will initiate change by doing the following:

  • Advocating for local infrastructure and municipal programs, policies and by-laws that support active transportation (cycling and walking)
  • Supporting accessible and efficient local and regional public transit in the Bow Valley
  • Organizing educational events and campaigns that encourage Bow Valley residents to reduce their GHG emissions from transportation (e.g. information events related to electric bikes and vehicles, anti-idling campaigns, public awareness of community mode share goals etc.)
  • Advocating for initiatives and infrastructure that reduce GHGs from both local and visitor traffic.

The Transportation Group welcomes new members and new ideas. If you would like to join our group, or have a suggestion for an event or advocacy action related to transportation, please contact