Political Agenda

2019 will see both federal and provincial elections; this, and the fact that local municipalities in the Bow Valley have substantial opportunities and ability to spur action on climate, creates abundant opportunity for us to get climate onto the political agenda. 

The political agenda working group that is keen on keeping good climate policy on the political agenda and within the public realm of awareness.  We want voters to have factual, objective information about climate policy and about the platforms of the various political parties in order to make their political decisions.  We want to engage voters with information about why good climate policy matters to them in their everyday lives.


  • Ensure climate change and climate policy remain on the political agenda at all levels of government
  • Articulate and promote what good climate policy looks like and why it matters
  • Clarify how the climate policies of different political parties compare
  • Engage and motivate voters to vote and to consider climate policy in their voting decisions


  • Effective climate policy is enacted, implemented and change is measured by the political party in power
  • The party with the best climate policy is elected

How to achieve

  • Develop and ask questions at public forums, help present/organize public forums, ensure climate policy and related actions of parties are included in forums
  • Articles/interviews in local media – comparing policies, promoting awareness of good climate policy and why it matters
  • Information on the website of Bow Valley Climate Action
  • Public Events